Night Full Frightful
Some things in life but few can see;
Some things we see must be let be.
Excerpt from “Will O’ the Wisp”

Night Full Frightfull Book Cover

Henry Hamilton’s cleverly creepy tales are exquisitely told through his unique and original poetry, beautifully illustrated by Maine artist Patricia Chandler. The result is a memorable collection of visual rhymes that young people will enjoy for many years to come, then share with their children and grandchildren.

Night Full FrightfulThis delightful collection of spooky rhymes features creatures both familiar and new, told through eerie and suspenseful verse that will raise the hair on the back of your neck. From goblins, ghosts and gremlins to werewolves, sea dragons and the undead—these poems will stretch the bounds of your imagination and take you on a magical, mysterious journey from light to dark, from sunset to sunrise.

Each poem creates a world within itself, both fantastic and frightful. Written for youthful imaginations of all ages, the whimsical “Will o’ the Wisp” will enchant younger readers while the psychological depth of “The Song of Lorelei” will appeal to older children and teenagers. “The Werewolf Morphing Moon” and “Ben Bishop” will chill you to the bone, while “Sally’s Spooks”, “Jenny & Ginger” and “Seaside Surprise” reveal unlikely heroes through its bewitching verse. Brilliantly crafted, each poem is illustrated in haunting detail that captures the spine-tingling suspense of the poem’s tale.